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July 11, 2009

Planting 7/11/09

Spilanthes / Paracress - Nichols

Summer Savory - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Coriander - Sgaravatti

Salad Burnet - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Green Purslane - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Cumin - Nichols

Vanilla Grass - Thyme Garden

Wormwood - Seed Savers

Prezzemolo Gigante - La Semiorto Sementi

Culantro Eryngium - Nichols

Papaloquelite (Summer Cilantro) - Nichols

Sesame Bene - Nichols

Chervil - Page's Seeds

Cilantro - Nichols


Caraway - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Hungarian Breadseed Poppy - Renee's Garden

(Old Chives)

Chinese Flowering Leek - K-Jay

July 01, 2009

Paula Deen, Y'all!

Paula Deen may be television royalty, but the queen of Southern cuisine wasn't born with a slew of books, a suite of restaurants, a trio of TV shows or a line of gourmet goodies to her name. In fact, at age 40, the Emmy-winning cook was a struggling, single mother who not only hadn't yet started down her career path -- she was afraid to even walk out her front door. She and her husband Michael Groover sat down for a video interview with me to share the story of her remarkable journey and his delicious life with Paula Deen.

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