November 24, 2003

A Rove by any other name...

I just have to say that as a slavishly devoted RoveHo, it just scalds my cocoa that George W. can be such a nasty nabob to my sweet Rovey sometimes! Okay yes, W's got sense enough to refer to him as "Boy Genius" a good deal of the time (And he gol dang well better know that if it weren't for the massive medulla of my darling Rovey that he'd be lucky to get elected as head of the bake sale committee for the Midland, TX T-ball team! Humph!), but on other occasions, it's been said (in Time magazine, no less!)...forgive me, it's crushing my heart just to type this...but he likes to refer to my Rovey as..."Turd Blossom".

Oh Rovey, if you're reading this...and I pray to heaven above that you are, the next time W. says anything like that to you, tell him, "With all due respect, Mr. President, shut your stupid piehole, you big meanie! You just SHUT YOUR STUPID PIEHOLE!"

He may be the President and all, but if Rovey is...that word, then...then, I'd rather have a great big, fragrant GARDEN of Turd Blossoms then just one measly Bush in my yard! A Rove by ANY name smells just fine to THIS RoveHo!

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