November 26, 2003

Banged & Mashed


You may have heard that Rovey and I took a little jaunt across the pond to Merry Old England recently to hobnob with the Queen! Oh there was tea and chanting and merry puppet shows in the street there just to give us a super, or should I say "bloody" (look at me, talking all fancy-like!) English howdy-do, but Rovey and I managed to slip away from the madding crowd (though they were really keen on meeting his boss!) and do a l'il sightseeing 'round Crumpet Town.

Thing is, though, I don't know who this "Ben" is, but if those barmy Brits think *that's* big, they really oughta get a gander inside my Rovey's tighty whities. The U.K. can keep their Spotted Dick and leave the Toad in its Hole. I'm feasting on HIS meat and two veg tonight! God save my Rovey!

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