November 25, 2003

Republican Party Animal


You might not know it from looking at my studious (and he does put the "stud" in "studious") sweetie now, but Rovey likes to have himself a little tipple sometimes! Why, at all six of the undergrad colleges he went to, he had nicknames like "Chug-a-lug Karl" and "Ralphing Rovey". It just wasn't a shindig unless my baby had Jell-O shot in one fist and an Alice B. Toklas brownie in the other!

Now he may not have gotten an actual "degree" from any of these schools (and what the heck do the diploma mills like the University of Utah, the University of Texas at Austin and George Mason University know about education anyhow, huh?), but to a heck of a lot of folks, my Rovey always be known as "Professor Partypants".

(And of course to me, he's Dr. Deeptongue LuV! Tee hee!)

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