November 17, 2003

Signs point to "Yes"

We interrupt this RoveDream™ to let you know that Rovey his own, yummity nummity self, will be taking questions at the next session of Ask The White House! Oh calloo callay! Oh frabjous day, what a magical time it is to be a RoveHo!

Sweet, sweet interweb - you give so much and ask so little. You bring the hunkiest Domestic Policy Advisor in the history of EVER tumbling through the cosmos to nestle all cuddly under the covers with me, Me, ME! Note to self - devise protective waterproof shield for laptop screen, 'cause boy, it's fixin' for a licking come 11/20. many questions to's like having my own little Magic 8-Ball window right into his very SOUL!

"Dear Karl - do you love young ladies who maintain frequently-updated blogs about their hot sticky passion for your husky-boy-sized machismo, and hope to some day exchange adoring glances with one of them while collaborating on clever solutions for the Washington Post's Style Invitational over Grand Slam Breakfasts and Sanka on a lazy Sunday morning?"

"Signs point to yes...Yes...OH GOD IN IN HEAVEN YEEESSSSSSS!!!"

(now back to the rest of the dream I was describing...well, soon...)

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