November 04, 2003

That's my Rovey!

Look - Rovey's trying to protect my modesty. Isn't that sweet? I always think it's so cute when we're out and he tries to do that but then we get home and he's pulling out the marshmallow fluff and a packet of bulldog clips for use, um, *not* in the kitchen or the office, and I'm all "So, where's all the modesty supposed to be now?" and Rovey's all "Be quiet and tighten the straps, and hurry up, because Bernie Mac's on in twenty minutes and I don't want to miss it!" and I'm all "Mmmmm...that's my Rovey." Other politicians *say* they're into diversity, but my snookie-pie really means it!


Posted by Virginia at November 4, 2003 01:02 AM