November 25, 2003

Tick-tock, Rove O'Clock

Well gosh and golly heck! I just noticed that it's the 25th, and as any good RoveHo knows, that can mean only one thing - only one shopping month until RoveDay! I know the last thing any of us would wanna do is forget the anniversary of Rovey's glorious emergence on this lucky, lucky planet on December 25, 1950, so I've whipped up the Karl Rove Birthday Kountdown Klock!

During the next month, I'll be sharing some of my traditional RoveDay recipes, games, decorations, etc., but I also wanna hear about how people all over the globe celebrate this special occasion. Be a sweet RoveHo, and let us all know via the comments link, 'kay?

Oh much to little you think I can still get Fingerhut to deliver by RoveDay? Or would a Frenched Loin be more appropriate? Oh but, it's got "French" in the name - are we still supposed to be loathing the Gallic folks? Would Rovey be angry? Then again, he always seems to be pretty gol-danged happy when he's frenching *my* loins...

Karl Rove Birthday Kountdown Klock:

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