December 26, 2003

A ButterShot Of My Rovey's Love

Ohhhh…my aching noggin'. My recollections of last night's RoveDay fete are a l'il bit hazy, but from the particular buzzing frequency of this headache, the shade of stain on the bathroom carpet and the baleful way in which our little tabby is glaring at Rovey (that cranky pussy can just be *so* territorial about her litter box sometimes!), I'm guessing that naughty Ari once again managed to sweet-spin the bartender at the Hawk & Dove into blending up a batch of his lethal Roveocoladas. They may taste like sweet, sweet candy going down, but once you get enough sliding around inside ya…oooh! Hang onto your chads, kiddies, 'cause you're in for one long humpy, bumpy ride.

I'm wondering if anyone thought to bring along a camera 'cause I'd reeeaaallly like to know if my memory of frenching Ann Coulter during a wee-hours back-room round of Truth or Dare actually happened or was just part of a Kaluha-induced nightmare. Second thought, maybe I really *don't* want to know…


1 pint heavy whipping cream
1 15.5 oz bottle Double Fudge Yoo-hoo
6 long shots DeKuyper Buttershots Schnaaps
6 oz Kaluha
6 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
3 oz Coconut Cream
3 oz Crème de Cacao
3 oz 99 Bananas
4 tsp Milk of Magnesia
1 pint Everclear
Chocolate syrup
Colored granulated sugar
Red Hots (crushed)
Bacardi 151

Whip cream until stiff peaks form (mmmmrrrooow!). Fold in Yoo-hoo, Buttershots, Kaluha, Bailey's, Coconut Cream, Crème de Cacao, 99 Bananas, Milk of Magnesia and Everclear, and blend with ice to milkshake consistency. Moisten lips of 6 hurricane glasses with chocolate syrup, and roll in dish of sugar and crushed Red Hots to coat. Pour in equal portions of blended mixture. Float 151 on top of each glass and light with match. Once flame is extinguished, garnish with drinking straw and small American flag.

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