December 24, 2003

Ho, Ho, Ho! Rovey comes early!

Oh, oh, oh, RoveHos, did you watch? DID YOU WATCH!?! In case you're unaware of the gift bestowed upon all the RoveHos, of the world, click on this, and come back after you've suckled from the holiday teat, hanging low, laden so heavily with free-flowing JOY!


Yes, yes, I know that it *appears* as if he's spinning some kiddie pap about Santa and sniffly reindeer and how a bunch of cranky donkeys saved the baby Jesus. But if you're a RoveHo well versed in decoding the semaphoric sways of his mobile chins, you know what he was *really* trying to telegraph across the circuitry of the interweb. Oh, yes, YES! Did you catch the extra wobble - the giddy hula as his precious lips formed the words "harnesses" and "special collars" and "chubby legs"? And when he bl…bl…bllleeeeaaaated like a sheep! Swooooon! It's as if the NIH had finally perfected its long-worked-upon ray that can penetrate my tinfoil chapeau and sensuously chuck the bathing suit areas of my very mind! Truly - the party behind the literary selection must have had some sort of secret access to the moistest of my desires (note to self - ask Rovey if the boys in the lab have actually completed work on Project PuddlePants), because if not, why in the world would they have chosen a holiday story where Rovey was made to say Ho, Ho, Ho, I ask you?

Mmm…that would be plenty present for me, did I not know for sure that when Rovey gets home, I'm gonna get an even BIGGER package stuffed down my chute!


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