December 16, 2003

I Scream, You Scream...


Despite what you might think, Rovey isn't always sunshine and puppydogs. Sometimes, he gets downright MIFFED with me, but what he doesn't know is that sometimes I'm poking his crankybone on purpose. See, if I know that some sensitive issue is dangling in front of him, I'll agitate and tease and rub at it until he explodes all over me.

This photo above was snapped last week when we were in Vegas, and Rovey was all a-flutter because he'd nabbed up tickets to see Sha Na Na that night. Well I was dawdling in the ladies lounge at Caesar's Palace, fussing with my lip gloss, when I felt the Device go off in my nether regions, and I decided to be a very naughty RoveHo and ignore it. Wouldn't you know it - a minute later my Rovey came storming into the powder room, knickers in a knot, yelling "Darn it, Virginia! You KNOW that when I buzz you with the Device, it means you're supposed to come to me!" and I was all, "Well, I *did* come, Rovey - just not TO you." And then for the cherry on top of that big ol' mound of whipped-up cream, I giggled. Ooooh - I just *knew* that would froth Rovey up to the point of spilling over. And just as I'd hoped, he took me into one of the stalls and served me up enough nuts and sprinkles for a whole month of sundaes. It sure pays to get saucy with my Rovey sometimes!

Plus, we ended up getting to the show in plenty of time for the band to sign the spare pair of Fruit of the Looms Rovey had brought along, (He'd learned the hard way last time that Jocko won't put pen to delicates if you're actually *wearing* them.) so, I guess Lady Luck really was blowing on both our dice that night! Viva!

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