December 22, 2003

Let it Rove, let it Rove, let it Rove!

Oh RoveHos, I love this time of year! Today, Rovey and I slipped on our gloves and hoodies and goodness, how merrily we frolicked. I'd imagine there are going to be more than a few eyebrows raised about some curious snow angel formations on the South Lawn when my pudgy-wudgy cherub trundles into work tomorrow, but what can I say? We just can't resist playing around with the white stuff! Good thing we remembered to wear our rubbers, 'cause the last thing anyone wants at this time of year is to get all sick and sticky. But we were careful, and had such a blast rolling together big, wet, heavy balls to birth ourselves...a Roveman!


(Send this pic as a Rove-o-gram!)

Everybody, sing along!

"On the South Lawn we can build a Roveman,
Then pretend that he is President
Shrub says: Am I fired?
We'll say: No man,
Karl will do the job -
you'll stay Resident..."

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