December 19, 2003

Noshing with Rovey!

Sigh…oh RoveHos, I'm so sorry to have been a neglectful little Ginny with the website lately, but there's just sooooo much going on right now, what with the holidays fast approaching (have you sent out YOUR RoveDay cards yet?), and chatting away on the phone with those nice boys from the Treasury Department! Still, I wanna make sure that all the RoveHos out there have a chance to get all their shopping done in time for our baby's B-Day, so, without further ado, here's the makings for one of my most favoritest traditional RoveDay yum yums!

Traditional RoveDay One-Bowl Creamy Jerky Salad

1 large head of white cabbage - diced
1 1/4 cups Miracle Whip (In a pinch, mayo can be subbed, but my Rovey just can't do without the tangy zip! And if you're Tony Blair, or John Kerry, then Heinz Salad Cream is an acceptable swap.)
1 8oz pack of Kraft Singles (unwrapped and cut into strips)
2lbs of your favorite jerky - chunked or sliced (Rovey's a fan of the New Beef King, but has been known on occasion to snap into a Slim Jim.)
1/4 cup white sugar
1/2 tsp celery salt
1/4 tsp paprika
Assorted, colorful mix-ins - pickle chunks, canned corn niblets, pimentos, frozen peas 'n carrots - use your imagination!

1. In large, oiled, plastic bowl, stir together Miracle Whip, sugar, salt and paprika until color is a uniform orange. Add mix-ins to appearance and taste, and stir until thoroughly coated.

2. With a spatula, fold in 1/2 cup of cabbage at a time, taking care to coat all surfaces with wet mixture. Repeat procedure with jerky (and try not to go snackin' on it too much - you've gotta save some for Rovey!) until mixture is of a uniform consistency and creamy orangey color, with mix-ins winking through like yummy little jewels. Cover bowl with cling-wrap or tight fitting lid and shake.

3. Remove cover, and arrange cheese strips in criss-cross or lattice fashion on top. For added RoveDay festivity, spoon additional Miracle Whip into a squeeze bottle or pastry bag and draw a picture of or message to Rovey!

4. Grab two spoons (or just one if you're feeling all romantical!) and share with your favorite Senior Presidential Domestic Policy Advisor!

Variation: For other fun colors, swap out the paprika for a spoonful of your favorite Jell-O flavor! There's always room for Rovey!

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