December 28, 2003

Prime ribbed, for my pleasure.

You know, I do my meager best to help out Rovey where and when I can, and I just have to say that this mad cow scare is all a useless bunch of bull! I mean, if there *really* were something to beef about, would he still be serving me up his Texas Hot Link so often? Not to mention a bounteous buffet of bologna, blood sausage, knockwurst, bockwurst and meat balls! Why in fact, he's demanded I start referring to him as Sir Loin! Yummy - make mine a double with an extra squirt of special sauce, please! I'll hold the buns.

Oooh - must get mooooving. Rovey says he's gone and squeezed out a big, creamy glass of milk just for me. I'll tell you, it sure does *this* body good!

Have an udderly great day, RoveHos!

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