December 25, 2003

With six, you get Rovey!

Heidy ho, RoveHos! Just sneaking some online time while Rovey's in the little boys' room (I saw him grab the new Hickory Farms catalog off the credenza, so I think he'll be in there for a little while). Well we've had one heck of a RoveDay celebration thus far. A boy only turns 53 once, so I've made sure that Rovey's gotten to partake in all his very favorite things on this special ocasion.

We got up super early, 'cause Rovey needed me to take a poll about the really urgent caucus he was having that morning. Once we'd come to a quorum on that, Rovey went back to napping for a little while, and I scuttled to the kitchen to make a tray of all the morning yummies he loves on his birthday. After I tickled him awake, I hand-fed my baby breakfast in bed. I served, let's see - raspberry pudding shots, creamed ham on pumpernickel, oleo strudel, tater-olive muffins, a feta & mayo omelette, oh golly...I'm sure I must be forgetting something, but there was lots of prune cocktail to wash it all down. That part I remember, 'cause there were a heck of a lot of sticky purple prints left on the bedclothes after Rovey decided he wanted to use my belly button as a juice tumbler! Well, I cleaned up while Rovey changed into his suede lounging pajamas, and then I joined him in a snuggle on the couch while we watched Mystic Pizza and then Erin Brockovich (I tell you, that man can just *not* get enough of Conchata Ferrell!).

Then Rovey's tummy was rumbling (from hunger this time - not from the prune cocktail like it had been), so we called up Joyce and Donny Rumsfeld from our book club, and met them at our local P.F. Chang's. Now, my Snugglebum knows that Rummy can get a little piggy with the orange peel shrimp, so he made sure to keep feeding me bites - what a sweetie!


Anyhow, I thought the Great Wall of Chocolate we split for dessert was going to finish me off entirely, but we *still* have Rovey's birthday dinner at Hamburger Mary's tonight! I don't know *how* I'm going to manage, but after Rovey gets back from the potty, maybe we can "work off" a few of those dumplings with a little horizontal exercise session. Until later, RoveHos!

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