December 05, 2003

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Rovey!

Goodness gracious - RoveHos came out of the woodwork last week after my little mention of a yummy supper Rovey and I were feeding each other with (he just loves to play mommy birdie/baby bird when he's actually got time to sit down with me for a home-cooked meal) when his boss showed up to try to drag him off to dusty ol' Iraq. I wrote "some leftover pot pie, creamed onions and schnaaps (his favorite!)", and absosmurfly everyone wanted to know, "Virginia, what are some other things Rovey loves?" Well naturally I like it best when he snacks on a nice, moist slice of Virginia Ham, but my Rovey's got a whole cabinet full of treats that make him squeal like a prize-winning piggie. F'rinstance…

Food: I know I mentioned the pot pie, creamed onions & schnaaps (Dekuyper Buttershots, by the way - and his birthday is 12/25 - wink wink!), but he also sure loves to strap on a feedbag full of oh, gosh, there's mayo-nutter-raisin sandwiches on Wonderbread, Texas Corndog 'N Kraut Pie (his Nana's super-secret special recipe), hearts of lamb, Gerber Apples 'N Ham Simple Recipe™ Dinner (an important man like him doesn't always have time for chewing!), and absolutely ANYTHING that comes from the SnackMaster or the Fry Daddy (I swear he'd eat a cow chip if you breaded it and cooked it up in bacon fat! And I know for sure that's true 'cause James Carville tried it as a funny joke once when we were staying with him and Mary.), but I'm trying to get him to lay off the late-night raw garlic bulbs and Funyons 'cause they make him all burpy. Oh golly, my Rovey likes to get his nosh on!

Drinks: If it's a school night, I won't let Rovey have anything stronger than a nice, warm Strawberry Yoo-hoo, 'cause he's just a terror to get up in the morning (well luckily for me, not ALL of him has that problem…), but if he doesn't have any governmenting to do the next day, in addition to the schnaaps, he also just adores Cran-Prune Daiquiris (he calls it a Stromsmopolitan), Alizé Sours and half & half with Captain Morgan's heated up all toasty in the microwave. He calls that his Colin Colada, but I'm not quite sure why.

TV: Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes my Rovey giddier than a TiVo stuffed to bursting with episodes of Designing Women. On the precious rare occasions he's got a free Saturday afternoon, he just loves to peel down to his Jockey shorts and hunker on the davenport with one paw on the slow-mo button, and the other wrist-deep in a mixing bowl chock full of Franken Berry cereal. Rovey's hardly ever cross with me, but believe me, I learned a red-bottomed lesson about what happens if I bug Rovey in the middle of his special "Delta time". Ouch! I just skedaddle out of Rovey's way while he's "busy". But I know now from experience that I sure better be ready and waiting for him when TV time is over. There's just something about those ladies' Dixie-fried accents that make Rovey hungry for a trip Down South. Yeeeehaaaa! Oh, and he also gets quite a hankering for my very special Clam Chowder after watching a Murder She Wrote marathon. Something about Angela Lansbury's stiff Maine diction never fails to turn my Rovey into a right l'il Jessica Fletcher letcher!

Oh golly - Full House is about to start, and Rovey just loves to watch that all cuddled on the couch with me, so I must sign off. More next time 'bout my baby's fave tunes, movies and reading materials (in AND out of the powder room!).

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