January 15, 2004

Bless me, Rovey, for I have Zinned.

I guess one of Rovey's former workmates has been telling tales out of school, 'cause it sure seems like my baby's name is on everyone's lips again (now they must now how I feel - a Rovey on the lips is sure to make you thrust your hips!).

When I was waiting my turn at the jerky store this afternoon, I heard someone on the radio talking about how that naughty tattletale Paul O'Neill said that my baby has a mantra for his boss, "Stick to principle. Stick to principle. Stick to principle…" Now while I don't doubt that Rovey had to re-tell his boss things a time or two, (When he was over at our house for supper, I had to politely say a few times, "No, Sir - that's just my cornstarch/flour/baking soda, not pretty scented powder", but still I'd find that old silly sniffing around in my kitchen!), I can't say I know exactly what Rovey told him at work. I know that he's said "stick" and "principal" to me, but only on our Plaid Skirt Nights when I have to "go down to the office" and Rovey paddles me for smuggling Chomsky pamphlets and Howard Zinn texts to school in my bookbag. He doles out a l'il "corporal fun-ishment", has me kneel to say a half-dozen Hail Roveys, and sends me back to class chastened and sore-bottomed, with the latest issue of the National Review stuffed in my sack.

Now, while again, I don't know *exactly* what goes on with Rovey all day at his job, I sure hope he's not playing our private game with his boss - I'd feel a tiny bit hurt, I think. And it had gosh darned well better not be with Mrs. Laura! I've seen the way she looks at my Rovey with that sweet glazed-doughnut smile! Then again, I've seen her look at Barney and plates of grapefruit with that same expression, so maybe she's just really, really, really happy and friendly by nature.

And as for a mantra, well, I know that Rovey has one that he likes to say to stay inspired while he's watching Ellen DeGeneres and doing his Thighmaster exercises. But I can't imagine *that* would ever come up at work either, so I'm pretty sure this Mr. O'Neill is just a great big fibber trying to use my sweet Rovey to get his name into the papers!

And speaking of the fourth estate, look - another RoveHo in the news! Hmmm…maybe I should drop her a note…

New York Daily News: Rove conquers all

New York Magazine Intelligencer: All You Need Is Rove

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