January 06, 2004

Bringin' Ho the bacon!

Even though he just drives me nuts sometimes, every once in a while, Rovey's boss gets a big ol' Hickory Farms basket chock full of clue and takes one of Rovey's suggestions! Oh come on now - who do you *think* came up with "National Take Your Ho To Work Day"? Well okay, it was first enacted under the previous administration, but there was, um, sturdy opposition from the East Wing so it wasn't made into an official program. But now Rovey made it so!


I don't know what Mrs. Laura thinks about NTYHTWD, but she was allowed to have an extra one of the yellow pills for breakfast the day they held the press conference (she says it's like a little trip to Club Med - right in your very own head!), so she didn't seem to care very much. Actually heck - she must have been kinda happy about it, because she kept smiiiiiiling until her Chief of Staff Ms. Ball came in to remind her that it was time for Passions. Mrs. Laura asked me to come along, but I think soap operas are kind of smutty, so I just politely said maybe next time.

She gave me a big, wet kiss on the forehead and went off to watch her stories, but also, heck - what does she think I do with my time? I mean sure, there are whole lot of chores around the house - making sure all the equipment is properly lubricated, checking the level and temperature of the backyard pudding vat, seeing that any guests we have staying in the basement (Sigh...just like I suspected, we got stuck taking care of his boss's friend Oscar-Ben Larden and I think Rovey said he's going to be hanging out until at least October!) don't get out of their cages, gherkin wranglin, and sponging up after Rovey eats prune curry late at night and is too sleepy to make it to the little boys' room. Whew! What a day!

But even with all that, I'm not just a stay-at-home-Ho! No Sir - even though Rovey makes enough to keep us both plenty cozy (Rovey said I could just *earn* my keep from him - but all the humpypumpy is just as much fun for me, so really, I should just pay HIM), it just makes a girl feel good to earn a little pin money of her own. So, in addition to having a tiny part time job in the White House Propaganda Department, I have a cute little shop in Georgetown where I sell quilts and cuddly baby toys made from hair Rovey leaves in the shower drain (just like the Native Americans, we believe in using every part of the sexy, sexy animal!), and I'm head of the Radiochem/Polymer Chemistry Department at the College of William and Mary, but I always make sure to be home in time to have a roast on the table, a smile on my face, and a chilled pitcher of Baco-tinis ready for Rovey! After all, my Blubblenumpkins works HARD all day!

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