January 19, 2004

Caucus Interruptus

Oh golly, I have the very sweetest Squbbleblumpkins *ever*! I had to scuttle back home 'cause the pudding truck is scheduled to come by later today (Rovey gets all fretty when the pistachio tank gets low), and Rovey had to stay behind in Iowa to make sure that all the Kerry-ites get out and vote. He's so anxious about their showing up that he's actually personally driving (in disguise, of course - Rovey wouldn't wanna steal the limelight!) busloads of Greatest Generation voters from their nursing homes to their caucus location. From what he's told me, it's being held in a bomb shelter in the middle of a cornfield 80 miles outside of Ottumwa, and he was afraid they wouldn't be able to find it what with the dirt roads, and the no lights or signs and all. But he's such a compassionate Cuddlepants, that he's even taking his lunch hour off tomorrow to go back and pick them up! It really is the personal touches that are going to make the difference for Rovey and in this campaign!

And speaking of personal touching, Rovey didn't want his #1 RoveHo to go neglected while he's off lovingly penetrating the hearts and minds of Iowatians on behalf of Dr. Dean. That funny little monkey must have hacked onto the interweb and played with my plane reservation 'cause something funny about it made me get an orange sticker on my ticket jacket and get LOTS of ultra up-close attention at the Des Moines Airport! With every finger that carefully probed my person, and each careful item-by-item hand shuffle through all my checked and carry-on baggage, I felt as if Rovey himself was copping an intimate snuggle and fondling my as-yet-unlaundered dainties. Mmmmm! Elevate my alert level all the way to red. Red hot 'n ready, that is!

Rovey's off to New Hampshire next week, where naturally he'll be putting the "man chest" into Manchester! Mmmrrrooowww!

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