January 19, 2004

Knock knock. Ho's there?

Rovey was fretting about my having never canvassed before, so before he let me set out to win the hearts and minds of Iowaitians, we did some role playing in our motel room. All I can say is - the ladies of the Hawkeye State don't stand a chance with Rovey beating a path to their welcome mats! I know *I'd* come to his caucus every single time he wanted to hold it - not to mention taking his entrance and exit polls. Even with such a tight race, that Mr. Dick and the two Johns are surely not going to be able to stand up against Howie Dean when he's got such stiff support from my Rovey!

Oooh - gotta go. Rovey's poking at me to go and get some loose meat (a local delicacy!) with him before we head on back to campaign HQ. More later, RoveHos…

p.s. Oh golly - I got bumped from Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday night, but they say we'll tape a segment with me soon at home! I guess everyone wants to see where Rovey and me make our sweet sweet cuddle lumps at!

p.p.s. That other RoveHo followed us all the way to Des Moines! (scroll down Comment: Strong Showing By New Yorkers Among Deaniacs) Is she trying to wrench my Rovey away, or does she just wanna help me make a Rovewich? Tee hee - if Rovey brings the Miracle Whip, I'll bring something to spread it with!

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