January 14, 2004

Plameing the victim.


I've said it before and I suppose I have to say it again, 'cause folks don't seem to be able to shut their flappin' porkholes about it. The ONLY leaking that Rovey's doing is of HIS yummy man-juice into MY mouth (or occasionally into his BVDs after one of our midnight runs to Taco Bell - but that's private between a man and his RoveHo). So you can all just stop with this silly Plame twaddle, and the "frog marching" and the "be careful when you're bending over to pick up the soap" and the "hey, bitch, that's my pudding / look out he's got a shiv / guard! guard!" talk! Pottymouths, all of you!

Double sigh. But if you're *really* feeling like you're needing to lash out and punish someone, Rovey is more than man enough to take it. We've arranged for a session tonight wherein I will slip on the Trippi mask, tighten the straps a notch past comfy on the Special Chair, and perform interpretive dances in front of surveillance tapes of Howard Dean Meet-Ups until my Cuddlenumpkins cries. Will THAT make you happy?!?!

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