January 01, 2004

Res-Ho-lution #9

Well we *were* supposed to be ringing in '04 with a rollicking, patriotic singalong chez one of Rovey's work pals, but at the last minute, Mr. Ashcroft recused himself from throwing the shindig. I don't really know what - something about a leak and his bookcase, suitcase - some kind of case. Heck, I don't know - maybe he's afraid that the damage is going to bring his house down. Personally, I think that's a leeeeetle bit paranoid, but hey - Rovey knows best and he said it was okay if Ashy stepped down from his hosting post.

Aaaanyhow, Rovey spun right into action, and I'll tell you all about our frolic after I get back from the pork store, butů

Res-Ho-lution for 2004

Remember that even if Rovey is a cocksure l'il froggy and marches on up to the head of the line at the Sizzler and orders the hostess to clear the dining room so that you and Rovey can have unfettered access to their famous All You Care To Eat Dessert Bar, make sure that the special Rove-top Sundae you construct is navel to knees rather than nipples to knees, 'cause otherwise you'll lick up so much hot, gooey fudge that you won't even make it to the nuts and banana before collapsing into a diabetic coma. And that's no way to commence the New Year!

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