January 26, 2004

Truffle in paradise.

Golly - people are just soooo silly sometimes! All this fuss about the little yelp that Dr. Deanypants let out after getting caucus-spanked in the corn belt last week. What the heck would folks go thinking if they heard some of the sounds that Rovey lets fly when he's just sprawled on the davenport with a warmed-up jar of dijonnaise and watching Gilmore Girls? Sometimes they're at such a pitch that the neighbors' schnauzer comes waddling over to bury his little wet snout in the Y of Rovey's tighty whities and sniffle around to see what the heck is going on.

Then again, he also does that if Rovey's had a spill and forgotten to wear his drippin' bib (Oh you just *try* and get that man to put on trousers during supper on a Gilmore Night, and see how it goes!) on Braunschweiger Tuesdays. Sometimes, I'd just about swear that he was making such a mess on purpose just to vex me. Or, truth be told, 'cause he knows that I'll get a l'il jealous of the way the doggie's chilly snout makes him wiggle around, and I'll push the greedy pooch aside and go on my own little snuffling truffle hunt.

But if nothing else, I know for sure that the folks next door are super-extra enchanted with the sweet squeals Rovey peals while we're making our cuddle lumps out back in the jerky shed. They thought it was so neato that they invited all our other neighbors to listen in and call all their city council pals over to hear as well! In fact, we heard them all talking about the neighborhood association having a special meeting just so everyone else could bask in the happiness. But once Rovey stepped out of the shed in his sexy birthday best, they all scurried away. They all know how modest my baby is, and how he wouldn't want to have anyone else make a stink on his account. That's *his* job, after all - my Rovey makes his own stink, and he won't put up with anyone else's!

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