January 13, 2004

Tuckered out.


Whooooo - am I ever relieved that Rovey approves of my newest tattoo, 'cause I sure don't think I could go through that whole laser scrapey thing again! I mean of *course* I'll do whatever it takes to keep my baby happy, but he, more than anyone should know that my time as a Tuckaho has been WAAAAAAY over for AGES and Tucker Carlson and I are JUST GOOD FRIENDS now. It was just one of those silly whims of youth - like camping out all night for Vangelis tickets, chugging down quarts of expired skim milk just for the rush, or spontaneously road tripping to the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library with a bunch of pals for the sheer devil-may-care thrill of it all. Tucks and I had our time, but it's over now, and I try each and every day, in every way to let Rovey know that he's my A#1 G.O.P. humpbunny, and now I've got him under my skin until the day I DIE!

That's not to say that I don't still get the occasional panty pang when I spy a tight-bunned young gent in a dapper bow tie picketing in front of the local Planned Parenthood, but shhhh - don't tell Rovey! It'll be our little secret...

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