January 21, 2004

Turn your head and boff.

More in a bit - Rovey and I have had a super-crazy day. His boss had to give a big speech tonight, and since the next Hooked On Phonics hadn't arrived in the mail yet, the plan to have Rovey's boss read off the TelePrompter was suddenly shot to heck. So, instead of watching the broadcast between our feet, snuggled up in bed with two spoons and a pint of oleo, we had to scurry on over to the Capitol so Rovey could stand backstage and whisper the speech into his boss's earpiece. Of course it was my constitutionally mandated task as First RoveHo to keep Rovey calm, so I had to take my usual position under his podium. Though it was a l'il bit fragrant down there, what with my Poolumpikin's nervous tum-tum, and his motorcade's last-minute detour through the Taco Bell Drive-Thru (you just *try* and get between Rovey and his Nacho Beef Chalupas!), I performed the most inspiring Patriot Acts I could muster, and I found myself simply overflowing with the milk of national pride when the flag I was saluting rose to full mast! The state of OUR union is rock solid, Rovey!

Oh, and speaking of things in a Granite State, his boss totally forgot to mention Rovey's new prescription drug benefit plan! He's testing it out next Tuesday in New Hampshire at Senior centers all across the state. Not only will the medicine be free, but he's also going to surprise them by giving them double the strength they asked for, so they'll be extra-healthy when they go out to vote for their fellow veteran, Senator John Kerry at the primary polls. Yup - a spoonful of Rovey makes everything go down smoother. Which reminds me - it's time to whip his prune 'n Kaopectate shake through the blender. Catch you later, RoveHos!

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