February 03, 2004

American Thigh-dol

The White House Inc. Employee Handbook: A Staffer's Guide to Success, Profit, and Eternal Salvation Inside George W. Bush's Executive Branch

Oh how fun! A book all about Rovey and his work chums! Maybe if I read it, I'll be able to find out why Rovey's boss makes him keep such grueling hours. Sometimes he's not home until at least five o'clock (my Blubblenumpers is such a dedicated worker that he refuses to leave the office until after his boss does!), and I have to wait until Rovey's snuggled up davenport to watch Ryan Seacrest's show on the TiVo. He says I get "notions" when I watch it alone, but really - my little GibletBumBum isn't fooling *this* RoveHo. I've seen him in front of the mirror with the hairbrush/microphone and pageant-sized tube of Dippity-Do...

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