February 23, 2004

Large & Turb-'Ho-charged!

Just wanted to pop in and say howdy-do to all you RoveHos, and let you know that today's entry is going to be a l'il late. As per his usual Sunday ritual, Rovey was hunkered down on the davenport cradling a mixing bowl brimming with raisin-clam dip and watching Meet the Press, when I heard him peal a delighted squeal the likes of which I haven't witnessed since that nice rep from Phizer stopped by Rovey's work to drop off a holiday care package for Mrs. Laura. Since the show ended, he's been skipping around the house in his stocking feet and Ed Meese underoos, phoning all his pals and asking if they want to meet up later tonight and drag race their Corvairs on the South Lawn. I overheard him chatting excitedly to Mr. Gillespie about a "green party", so I've been beaver busy in the kitchen whipping up his favorite avocado-tater fluffwiches and okra-chip cookies to tote along for the snack table. He's also asked me for a few dozen Dixie-cups of lime Jell-O Jaeger shots, but I had to stamp my tootsies down and say no. Those are unsafe with any feed, and I sure as heck don't want my Cuddlenumpkins ralphing in the glovebox again. Especially since we've only just gotten the interior reupholstered after Rovey's boss's twins hotwired the car for their joyride down to Cabo!

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