February 18, 2004

Look Roveward, Angel

Oh RoveHos - I apologize for the short entry (thank goodness that's never an excuse I have to hear from my Chubblelumpkin's gifted, cherubic lips!), but we've got a little bit of a situation 'round the old homestead. See, when I rang the gong to let Rovey know that the pudding vat was at exactly the temp he likes (Too warm, and his bacne acts up - too chilly, and his Speedo zone chafes. For all his gruffy-tuffy mountain man outsides, my baby is such a sensitive Seraphim.), he didn't come padding out of his Plotting Bunker to cannonball into the tapioca bath I'd drawn for the two of us. Now, in all the time we've been a deux, I've never known that man to pass up an opportunity to have me mommy-cat tongue his tummy wrinkles clean on a chunky-style pudding night, so I tossed on one of the togas that Mr. Bush's daughters left behind, and cocked up an ear. Just as I'd suspected, after a couple of minutes, I heard some snuffling in the direction of the jerky shed, and sure enough, there was my Rovey in a soggy little mess listening to Wisconsin Primary returns on the Philco and weeping over Dr. Deanypants's 3rd place finish. Awww - my poor little Bumpybum was so very much looking forward to spending some quality time out on the campaign trail with the Good Doctor - getting to know all about him, and his family, and his hopes, his dreams, his successes, his disgruntled patients, marital indiscretions, wacky, experimental college phase, draft-dodging and sealed gubernatorial records - you know - the kinds of things that men bond about when they're lonely, out on the road away from their 'Hos, and knocking back some of that funny "Truth Juice" cocktail that Rovey likes to whip up and leave for me and Mrs. Pelosi when we have our Girls Only nights. Mmmm! I think it has a touch of Kahlua in it!

Anyhow, my baby is sad, and I have to make him feel better so he can keep on running the country so goshdarned good! Oooh - lucky thing that I remembered to TiVo the Touched By An Angel marathon on PAX last night, cause one thing's for sure - if Della Reese can't get you to smile like a Precious Moments curio, then I sure as heck don't wanna know you!

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