February 06, 2004

Rhyme without treason Part II.

Wheeee! Rovey wolfed down a whole pan of prune-coffee bars while watching TiVoed Anderson Cooper in slow-mo last night, and he used the resultant potty hours to pen a few new poems. Enjoy!

Roses are red
Felons are violent
In Texas we fry 'em
And *then* they stay silent!
Roses are red
Like Dick Cheney's heart
'Cept where docs subbed in
A metallic part

Roses are red
Valium's yellow
Just like sunshine and daisies,
Keeps First Ladies mellow
Roses are red
As are most Southern states
Cousins who marry
Determine our fates

Roses are red
Kerry's hair's gray
They say he got Botox
He's probably gay!
Roses are red
Beige for Joementum
Dems dropping like flies-
It's just fun to torment 'em!

Didja miss the first installment?

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