March 18, 2004

Food court press!

I just cannot for the life of me understand why the media is getting their dungarees all dewy over that creepy ol' Senator Kerry buying a jockstrap with his daughter and a press gaggle. I mean, I have gone through half my treasured collection of antique Gephardt for President stationery, handwriting salvos to grizzled career newsies like Paula Zahn, Ron Popeil and Gene Shalit, inviting them to tag along on one of mine and Rovey's daily jaunts to the unmentionables section of the Foggy Bottom Pic-N-Save, but no takers! Not even when I mentioned that they could take part in our ritual food court excursions to Happy Heinrich's Casa De Cabbage and Mr. Beans A. Plenty, and get the inside poop on just why we're trotting on down to the skivvies shop quite so often. (My Tubblebumbum is such a modest mallomar that hardly anyone knows about the charity work he does! He saves up his week's worn BVDs and donates 'em to the restaurants' employees of the week to auction off for a bundle on e-Bay. They're always too stunned to say much of anything, but their grateful shrieks are thanks enough. As for my frequent need of freshened dainties - please, if YOU got to be that kissin' close to Rovey on a regular basis, I'd bet you'd be heating up one moist muffin in your Easy Bake Oven, too!) Anyhow, the only one who's said yes thus far is Anderson Cooper, and that's just because he thought that we were asking if we could hitch along and watch his upcoming International Male catalog shoot. Well of course we will (We're not rude like SOME Jeannie Moos I could mention!), but Coops best not go blubbering in his Cosmo if Rovey just happens to drop trou and all the lenses go swinging on down to salute his sergeant at arms. And they won't even have to worry about setting up a fancy dressing room for him and his fans, either. 'Cause if I know my Rovey, he'll be pitching his own big tent, and everyone's invited to come!

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