April 15, 2004

PaternHo? Oh no!

Oh, I'm not neglecting you, RoveHos! It's just that well...uh...oh this should explain it...


Bless me, Rovey, for I have sinned. I've been a bit of a PaternHo lately, but really, can you blame me? Sweet Scottie's got all the chubblumptiousness of my Rovey, plus not nearly so buzzy busy as him!

Oh dear - more later...Rovey's bibbed up and banging his sippy cup on the edge of the pen, and if I don't get there soon, I'll be up until the crack of dawn on my hands and knees, squeezing a damp sponge until my fingers prune, and after *that*, I'll have to start cleaning!

Shhhh...it's all our little secret! Tell ya what - I won't go 'Ho-hog! There's more than enough Paterno for a dozen 'Hos, and I'm happy to spread the wealth. Or anything else I need to!

Ooooh - must go! I think the zwieback's about to hit the fan...

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