April 22, 2004

Rhyme without treason Part IV.

Rovey's told me to post some of his new, pretty poems, and I will, and…and…as soon as it hurts a tiny bit less to perch in a normal chair for a while, I'll give all you RoveHos the inside scoopy-doo on just where I've been. But for now, must type quickly, or Rovey will withhold my salve ration and trust me - this 'Ho needs all the soothing goo she can get right now!

Without further ado…

Roses are red
Kerry's a menace
If you *must* snub our Prez
Go with Ralphie or Dennis
Roses are red
Like the welts on your bottom
(The ones that you'll get
if you vote wrong this autumn)
There once was a turncoat named Clarke
Who thought as a bit of a lark
He'd fabricate facts
'Bout nefarious acts
Dickie - don't walk alone after dark.
There was a madman named Osama
Who caused us a whole bunch of trauma
He hid in Iraq -
Yup, that's why we attacked
Or else he'd be raping your Mama!
Roses are red
Like the Commies in Spain
If you'd like, we'll invade -
Let democracy reign!
Roses are red
So is Vladimir Putin
Cossack better behave or
Das ass will have boot in!
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