February 25, 2005

RoveHo Tip Du Jour

If you're feeling particularly frisky, and are needing a little extra face time with Rovey, just flip your RoveThong printed side in so he can directly address the heart of the matter. You just might find, as thousands of RoveHos have, that while Karl may indeed be 100% GOP in the Cabinet Room, dans le boudoir, his oral arguments delve deeply into the very core of thighpartisanship, and the hot button issues he simply lives to agitate.


The official RoveThong at CafePress

And I suppose if you're a gent following the same methodology with the official Rove Manpanties, if things were properly arranged, you 'n Rovey could go head to head. Stiffen your resolve, boys - my Rovey's pretty hard to beat, and ohhh...he can go ON and ON for HOURS!

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