June 24, 2005


By the way, Rovey would like all of you to know that he is JUST as liberal as the next plumpy cuddlemonkey. If the pudding vendor shows up and the tanker is running low on tapioca, he'll totally settle for butterscotch, and not even have the truck driver invesigated or detained or anything! He knows that compassion isn't just what comes between "cockfight" and "Coney Island whitefish" in the Wikipedia.

If we all took a lesson from Rovey, there'd be just so much less kerfuffling, and so much more time for helping each other exfoliate! Rovey will be graduating from loofa to Scotchbrite pads this weekend after a rigorous entoughening regime at The Source. Cheer him on with a dip in your own pudding bath and a Brillo massage from your closest* Christian neighbor!


*note to New Yorkers - since nice Christo-Americans are in such short supply in your town, it's totally friendly to spread the cuddles by offering free loofa mitt massages on the subway trains!

Posted by Virginia at 01:21 PM