July 13, 2005

Radarded (the revenge!)

Well I never!

Well okay, I have, but only with Rovey, and only out of very pure, real and almost nearly always consensual love. But now that goshdarned Radar Magazine - they've taken something that is sacred and private and federally protected, and BLABBED it in front of the whole interweb public. Heck - is Mark Felt working there now or something?

I'm talking of course about their newest front page poll where they're asking innocent folks who have mostly probably never been with us on our davenport or lashed into the Special Chair while we make our cuddlelumps, if Rovey's Deep Throat code name should be "Reach Around" or "Dirty Sanchez". Now, I didn't really realize at first that those dirty birdies were making filthy giggles about our Squishy Time, 'cause I thought that Dirty Sanchez was just one of Rovey's Boss's funny nicknames for Alberto Gonzalez, and that a Reach Around was one of those times when my Squbblebumbum calls me into the water closet to help him out because he's just had one of his his post-prune events, and the handle of the scrubby brush just isn't quite long enough to access his back verandah.

Well it turns out that a Dirty Sanchez is what we call a Ganache Groucho or a Puddin' Pompadour, and I say to heck with any of you who want to make fun of it! Just because my Chubbleblorbums has never been able to grow a mustache (anywhere on his cherbic carcass) from actual hair, doesn't mean he can't look JUST LIKE that hunky Tom Selleck when we do have Fudgy Facial Fun, and you can go lick my pudding finger, nastypants Radar*!


*Except for Mr. Vourvoulias. Rovey's expecting you with the drop cloth at 8 sharp.

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