July 15, 2005

Rhyme Without Treason Part VI

From the poem vault (12/5/04)...

Roses are red
Now, I'm not naming names,
But, open your mouth
And I'll screw it like Plame's

Now, my Chorblesqumpkins has got his #2 all balled up in his cherubic fist and is busy squeezing out more yummy ditties for your consumption, but meanwhile, how about penning Rovey a poem? I'll post up his super faves!

Really, isn't it the very least you can muster for someone who's given so much of himself? I mean for Goebbel's sake - he's hunkered down over there in the corner, straining so hard he's grunting, just so he can produce a treat for the United Statesian people to savor, and he'll keep on doing just that until they drag him writing and fussing from his office.

Can't you give back just a little of what he's dished out to you?


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