October 27, 2006



You'll be such a cutie-booty little Rove-o-weenie with this downloadable snip-out mask of Rovey's yummy mug! Perfect for getting treats stuffed in your sack, or just sporting in the boudoir. For extra-top authenticity (and fun!), slather with your favorite homemade salve.

With specially placed eyeholes. | Hole-free.

(Requires Adobe Acrobat)

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October 08, 2006

Rum Tum Tugger.

Oh golly! I've been a l'il busy lately, but now that my Tlorbleplopkins is going to be spending a tiny bit more time sprawled out in our cuddle swing, maybe his friend Sour Donny would like to come over tonight for some Hot Buttered Rumsfelds!

We could even have a grand ol' dancing party if Dr. Fristy comes over and brings that great big giant house speaker he's always going on about, and also Mr. Hastert, Sir. Oh, we'll dance and dance until we're all blue in the face. What a state we'll be in.

I just hope that Mr. Hastert, Sir remembers to bring along his extra jammies, 'cause the last time he got nappy and stayed over, I woke up in the middle of the night to find him naked sleep-nibbling in the kitchen with Hellmann's dribbling all over his Majority Whip. Not nice!


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