January 14, 2009

Ho' Cooking!

Silly, silly Times of New York! If they had been reading this interblog, they'd never have had the gumption to ask my little goebelgoblin if he strayed far from the creamy, steamy bosom of the pudding tub when his tummy started rumbling. Why would Rovey ever need to eat out when he has me to service his every yearning at the mere cock of his chubbleumptiously puckish head?

"The last few years have been fallow for presidential dining. President Bush, whose love for Tex-Mex has proved unflappable, is a homebody who rarely eats out, preferring the comforts and comfort food of the White House. His staff was no different. When asked whether he thought tastes in restaurants would change, Karl Rove, Mr. Bushs political guru, responded dismissively: "How do I know? Im not into the restaurant scene." -- the Dining Section of the Times of New York City, New York

And I'll have you know that Rovey has been using Ben's Chili Bowl as a weapon of extreme yumminess for a very long time! He is the one who dealt it, Mister Hopebama!


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January 12, 2009

Intertweet Too!

My Blubblenumpkins is tweeting right from the pudding vat!

Follow Rovey!


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