And still another reading from the works of Seymour Britchky

On the sad news of the passing of chef Roger Fessaguet, 82, much mention is being made of his career at the marvelous (and also dearly departed) La Caravelle. I did not dine there during his tenure (what with the rather young-being at the time), but certainly felt his legacy when I did so in 2002.

But La Caravelle wasn’t Fessaguet’s only venue. As noted in his New York Times obituary, “In 1967, he became an owner of Le Poulailler, a restaurant near the recently opened Lincoln Center. He and his partners sold it in 1981.”

As is customary around these parts, I turn to Seymour Britchky for his account.

From the 1976 printing of “Seymour Britchky’s New, Revised Guide to the Restaurants of New York”:

Seymour Britchky
Seymour Britchky