Sometimes I talk about pie crust

Edible Brooklyn asked a few folks, including Sam Sifton, Hannah Kirshner, Food52, Butter & Scotch, Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Caroline Lange and me about our pie crust methodology. An excerpt:

Kat Kinsman: In college, I double-majored in painting and sculpture and I get my ya-yas out with pie edges. I appreciate the precisions and aesthetics of the fork crimp, but I like getting my hands in there, so I press in two fingers and pinch up a peak between them. I’ll usually just rotate the plate, but if I’m feeling very fussy, I’ll do the 12 o’clock spot, then the six o’clock, then the three then the nine, and inward from there, just to make sure it all matches up. No one will notice or care, but I like touching dough. I’m just gonna own it.

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