Sometimes I talk food snobbery

Ariel Knutson of The Kitchen asked food writers and editors, including Francis Lam, Helen Rosner, Twilight Greenaway, Adam Roberts, Peggy Wang, Cathy Erway, Cheryl Sternman Rule and me to weigh in and tell her how they geek out over food without sounding like a snob.

Here’s what I said:

I like people who like things. Full stop. I’m waaaayyyyy more interested in people who are giddy and confident about their passions than I am in people who think that dislike equals discernment. I’m especially put off by people whose first response to someone saying: “I like such-and-such.” is “Ewwww! I hate that!” Why would you rob someone of their joy? Even if it’s not your bag, step outside of yourself for a second and ask them what it is that makes them love this particular ingredient, dish, restaurant, cuisine. You get to learn a little something about it and the person who loves it, and you get a chance to not make the world suck a little more for them.
Bottom line: As I always say, it it tastes good, it is good — even if it’s not to you.

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