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Sometimes I write about Seymour Britchky

OK, I do frequently, but finally I did so at length for Tasting Table.

You never dine alone in New York. There may be a single place setting, one napkin, a solitary fork trailing through the rustic berry crumble, but there is always a ghost next to you at the table. It’s a small city of infinite souls, constantly writing, erasing and rescribbling its history on top of itself.

As you take a bite of grass-fed steak tartare, you think to yourself, Didn’t this restaurant used to be called something else? I think that’s the chef who worked downtown at . . . where was that? I could have sworn this used to be the bar where . . . remember? Remember?

The details fade. The addresses change. The names get hazy. For two all-too-brief decades, self-appointed restaurant critic Seymour Britchky made it his mission to capture it all in shockingly astute, hilarious, quotable prose before disappearing in his own right to become one of the city’s best-fed (and, essentially, forgotten) ghosts.

Read “Suddenly Seymour Disappeared” at Tasting Table.

Sometimes I get a new job, the premier online destination for culinary enthusiasts, has named Kat Kinsman as Editor in Chief. In her new role, Kinsman will oversee all editorial content for the multiplatform media company, which delivers discerning dining advice, chefs’ recipes and news from the world of food and drink across email, Web, social media and mobile.

“During the past six years, we’ve established Tasting Table as a must-read for culinary obsessives,” said Geoff Bartakovics, co-founder and CEO. “Kat is not only a highly respected journalist, she’s also a longtime digital and social media maven whose broad interests will help to expand Tasting Table’s focus on the larger lifestyle surrounding the world of food and drink.”

Read the full press release at my soon-to-be new workplace