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Sometimes my book makes the list

I’m thrilled that Hi, Anxiety has been included in several roundups of the best upcoming books:

Bustle: The 15 Best Nonfiction Books Coming In November 2016

Writer Kat Kinsman takes on a common condition in Hi, Anxiety: Life with a Bad Case of Nerves. Not only does she share poignant stories of her own experiences with the illness, she shows how millions are impacted. In doing so, she sets a powerful example of how we should all be working to end the stigma.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn: November 2016 Book Preview

You may know Kat Kinsman from her work as an editor at Extra Crispy, or her work with Chefs With Issues. In Hi, Anxiety, Kinsman explores anxiety and depression through her own experiences with both, writing with candor about each has affected her everyday life.

Nylon: 12 Must-Read Books For November

Anyone who’s suffered from anxiety knows that it’s a particularly paradoxical disease, because as much as serious anxiety is no laughing matter, it’s also so sublimely absurd that it’s hard not to laugh at yourself. Kinsman bravely and brilliantly captures the difficulties of dealing with anxiety, using her sharp wit and lucid prose to take readers on a journey into the depths of an anxiety-riddled mind.