(Incredibly outdated! Seriously, I’ll scrape together the links at some point.)

December 2015
Eater—The 21 Best Longform Food Stories of 2015 (My posthumous profile of restaurant critic Seymour Britchky made the list.)

Travel & Leisure—11 of the Best Airport Bars, According to Well-Traveled Cocktail Pros

October 2015
BlogHer—“Food Bloggers, Take Note: This Is the Writing Advice You Want to Hear”

CNN—Should restaurants ban tipping?

August 2015
The Nacho Project—“The Nachos That (Almost) Weren’t There With Kat Kinsman”

July 2015
The Daily Meal-“The 60 Coolest People in Food and Drink”

Racked—“Grilling Tips for Girls”

May 2015
Grub Street—“Grub Street Diet: Kat Kinsman Gets Deep Over French 75s”

April 2015
Ad Week—“Fishbowl Five With Kat Kinsman, Editor-in-Chief of Tasting Table”

March 2015
Lux & Concord—“Women We Love: Kat Kinsman”

December 2014
Yahoo Food—12 Days of Holiday Food Memories: Kat Kinsman Makes Whiskey Sours That Do Not Suck

November 2014
Edible Brooklyn—“The Great Pie Crust Debate”

The Kitchn—“How to Talk About Food Without Sounding Like a Snob”

October 2014
Dianne Jacob: Will Write for Food—“The Scariest Thing about Twitter is to Let Yourself be Seen, says Kat Kinsman”

September 2014
Memphis Flyer—“How To Write About Food: More from the Food Journalists Conference”

June 2014
RVA News—“Eatocracy editor Kat Kinsman on being compelling and kind online”

January 2014
Bitch Took My Look—“Bitch took my leopard coat AND SHOES fantastic”

November 2013
First We Feast—“State of the Union: What Does the Word ‘Foodie’ Mean in 2013”

September 2013
Southern Living—“Women at Work: Kat Kinsman and Kim Severson”

November 2012
Saveur—“Smoky Whiskey Balls”

August 2011
Time Out New York—“How to Be a Food Writer”

Food & Wine—“The Fabulous Beekman Boys’ Barn-Raising Potluck” with recipes:
Tomato Lemonade
Bacon-Bourbon Brownies with Pecans

November 2010
Paper—“Twitter Gangs of New York: The Culinary Crew”