Video 2009-2012

November 2012

CNN—The best dish you can bring to Thanksgiving

The Food Dialogues

October 2012

CNN—Interviewing Anthony Bourdain

CNN—Coffee and politics

August 2012

CNN—Celebrating Julia Child

July 2012

CNN—Politics and greasy spoons

CNN—Chick-fil-A and same-sex marriage

CNN—Inside competitive eating

June 2012

CNN—Immigration and restaurant labor

CNN—Explaining gestation crates

May 2012

CNN—Not choosing motherhood

CNN—Inside the National Spelling Bee

CNN—Interview with Traci Des Jardins

CNN—Geeking out about the White House Garden

CNN—What the heck is meat glue?

CNN—How restaurant meals exceed healthy limits

CNN—Debate over a vegan book for children

April 2012

CNN—Demystifying food terminology

CNN—The conflict over antibiotics in beef

CNN—Why people love backyard chicken

CNN—Ethics and Easter chocolate

March 2012

CNN—This is the year you garden

CNN—Paula Deen’s kitchen controversy

December 2011

CNN Money—The year’s finest food gifts

November 2011

CNN—How to make your guests feel welcome

CNN—Chill out about Thanksgiving

CNN—Turkey tips

CNN Money—Save money on your Thanksgiving spread

CNN—The art of eating in season

CNN—Sanjay Gupta M.D.

July 2011

CNN—A secret supper in Harlem

CNN—Hot dogs and the 4th of July

June 2011

CNN—Reminiscing about the National Spelling Bee

CNN—Interview with Eliot Spitzer

CNN—How far did your food travel?

May 2011

CNN—Why Mark Zuckerberg hunts his own meat

Planet Green—Halloween with The Fabulous Beekman Boys

CNN—Interview with Ferran Adria

January 2011

CNN—Fast food labeling and Taco Bell

CNN—Interview with Michael Symon

December 2010

CNN—Secret Supper in Atlanta

CNN—Interview with Linton Hopkins

CNN—Shelling out for airline food

CNN Money—Gifts for food lovers

November 2010

CNN—Eddie Huang talks cultural representation

CNN—Dry turkey begone!

June 2010

CNN—Intro to Eatocracy


AOL—Interviews with Paula Deen

AOL—Interview with John Besh

AOL—Interviews with Emeril Lagasse

AOL—Interview with Marco Pierre White