Video 2013-2015

August 2015

CNBC—Taking a private jet to lunch

July 2015

FOX News—Debating Donald Trump, newfangled Oreos and more

June 2015

CNBC—Best doughnuts for your buck

May 2015

I have no idea why this HLN clip won’t embed, but here I talk about being in the National Spelling Bee.

November 2014

Good Morning America—Gordon Ramsay cries wolf?

August 2014

HLN—It’s OK to ask about depression

June 2014

CNN Money—Making MRE pizza

May 2014

CNN—Mothers Day when you aren’t one

February 2014

First We Feast—Nacho battle

January 2014

CNN Living Google Hangouts—Talking anxiety

December 2013

CNN Money—Soylent, the food of the future

CNN Living Google Hangouts—Holiday hosting

November 2013

CNN Living Google Hangouts—Thanksgiving strategy

October 2013

Southern Foodways Alliance—Cake vs Pie Debate with Kim Severson

August 2013

CNN—Messy kids in restaurants

July 2013

Yum’s the Word—Stories of the cold shoulder

CNN Money—New Twinkie taste test

CNN AC360—Twinkies and nostalgia

April 2013

CNN—Slow service may be the customer’s fault

March 2013

CNN—Soda and personal responsibility

CNN—Obama and Jewish dietary law

February 2013

The Daily Show—On eating horse meat

CNN—Outrage over bourbon formula change

CNN—Horsemeat scandal

January 2013

CNN—Why a world-renowned chef is serving dirt

CNN—Food fraud