June 24, 2007

Greatest Hits

Having been at this journalism bullshit for 13 or so years now, I've probably written something in the neighborhood of five million words, some of them better than others. Since most of it is scattered across numerous existant and non-existent websites and publications, here's a roundup of some of my finer efforts (I've left out most of the heavy hackwork. You want to see that, Google away) . Unfortunately, some of my best stuff is no longer available, but here's some of what is, in something approximating chronological order...

Las Vegas Citylife:

Atomic Liquors Crawl
Drinking in places that aren't bars Crawl
Pioneer Saloon Crawl
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds CD review
Hunter S. Thompson Crawl
Christmas shopping Crawl
Hooters & the Playboy Club Crawl
Drag bar Crawl
Celebrity midget impersonators writeup
Last call at the New Frontier Crawl
Douchebag bar Crawl
Nick Cave/Grinderman CD review
Doing shots Crawl
Amy Winehouse CD review
Bars with a view Crawl
Girl drink drunk Crawl
Double Down Christmas pick
Amy Sedaris' I Like You book review
Fancy cocktail Crawl
Cowboy bar Crawl
Modern Drunkard Convention wrapup
Bars of lousy bands Crawl
Bars of the late, lamented Stardust crawl

Black Book Magazine
Some itineraries they've pulled from the Vegas travel guide I wrote. Pretty much everything Vegas on this website is something mine unless otherwise specifically noted.

Las Vegas Weekly:
Play of the Day Steelers bar exam
The Las Vegas Drive-In appreciation
Roadhouse punk rock bar exam
Dispensary Lounge bar exam
Champagne's bar exam
White Cross Drugstore appreciation
Badlands bar exam
One of the best things I've ever done, a piece on soul music.
The now-defunct Stardust bar exam
The also-defunct Bond-Aire bar exam
Barbie convention writeup
Atomic Liquor bar exam
I spend midnight at the Seven Seas
Oktoberfest and Hofbrauhas bar exam
Lustful writeup on attractive NBA players
Dolly Parton: worship in the form of a review
The bewildered newcomer piece that was my first bit of Vegas publishing

Kiki & Herb review
Greg Dulli/Afghan Whigs interview
Elvis Presley CD review
Anti-Beastie Boys column.
Respose to angry Beastie Boys fans.
James Brown concert review
Actually, here's the whole shebang. I was editor for alla this.
Frank Sinatra death rant
Nina Simone concert review
Article on underappreciated bands
NY Knicks and NY Jazz Festival column
DJ championship article I also took the photos for
Tom Waits retrospective
Vans Warped Tour review

Time Out New York:
Josef Von Sternberg appreciation
Princess Superstar interview
One of the greatest moments of my life: interviewing Tom Waits
Queens of the Stone Age interview

New York Magazine:
Broadway to Vegas piece
Smoking opium article
Films of vice roundup

Village Voice:

Raveonettes & BRMC review
Little Charlie & the Nightcats review
... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead concert review
Dirtbombs writeup
Deftones concert review

New York Observer:
Appreciation of Latrell Sprewell

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