May 24, 2014

Greatest Hits

Here's a small (very small, llike 1-2% small) sample of my journalistic output over the years....

It's Craptacular
My film blog. Movies you may not wish to admit that you enjoyed...

Vegas Seven:
Cover story on the evolution of Las Vegas casino design.
Cover story on medical marijuana in Nevada & the cannabis industry
Cover story on same-sex marriage coming to Nevada

Interview with the legendary Sophia Loren.
Interview with science guy Bil Nye.
Essay on the 20th anniversary of the films Casino, Showgirls and Leaving Las Vegas.
Oral history of the shooting of Casino.
Essay on the Vegas showgirl.
Oral history of Vegas showgirls (and showboys).
Photo gallery/timeline of the Vegas showgirl.

Humor piece on people who come to Vegas to, ahem, act foolish.
Charticle on Super Bowl halftime shows vs. commercials.
Timeline of the AVN Awards
Column on the saga of Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell.
Amusing & informative charticle entitled "Oppressed Revolutionary Showdown: Pussy Riot vs. Kanye West."
Article on architect Paul Revere Williams and his iconic Vegas buildings.

First-person piece about being in an all-female version of Reservoir Dogs.
Creative nonfiction-y piece on infernal heat and the inability to move, either literally or metaphorically.
Creative non-fiction piece about driving through the Mojave desert from Vegas to L.A.
Memoir about the time i was 19 in Italy and could not stay out of trouble, like getting kidnapped/pulling knives on people trouble....

Desert Companion:
Long feature on Las Vegas neon. I also took the picture that leads
List/article on movies set in Las Vegas
The inevitable follow-up, a piece on television episodes set in Las Vegas
Article on Repeal Day
Still-useful list of best happy hours, as well as the 24-hours of happy hours list

Esquire Online:
Travel piece on Frank Sinatra's hangouts in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.

Top ten listicle on Las Vegas

New York Magazine:
Interview with porn star/director Stormy Daniels.
For their website, a remembrance of the Max Fish bar
An interview with Mike Tyson and his director sidekick, James Toback
Broadway to Vegas piece
Smoking opium article
Archive of all of the stuff I've done for them

Las Vegas Citylife:
Most of the vast amount of stuff I wrote for them is no longer internet-available, but here's a smattering of what is...
Atomic Liquors reopening article
Amusing article on hangover remedies
Feature on seven nights of of karaoke bars
Bar column on beer cocktails
Brief piece on a stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard on weird spring night

Wish You Were Here -- stories and essays inspired by Las Vegas postcards
Black Book Guide to Las Vegas

Las Vegas Weekly:
White Cross Drugstore appreciation
One of the best things I've ever done, a piece on soul music.
The now-defunct Stardust bar exam
The also-defunct Bond-Aire bar exam
Barbie convention writeup
Atomic Liquor bar exam
I spend midnight at the Seven Seas
Oktoberfest and Hofbrauhas bar exam
Lustful writeup on attractive NBA players
Dolly Parton: worship in the form of a review
Article on the Las Vegas Drive-In
The bewildered newcomer piece that was my first bit of Vegas publishing

Greg Dulli/Afghan Whigs interview
Elvis Presley CD review
Anti-Beastie Boys column.
Respose to angry Beastie Boys fans.
James Brown concert review
Frank Sinatra death rant
Nina Simone concert review
Article on underappreciated bands
NY Knicks and NY Jazz Festival column
DJ championship article I also took the photos for
Tom Waits retrospective
Vans Warped Tour review
... actually, here's the whole shebang. I was editor for alla this.

Village Voice:

Raveonettes & BRMC review
Little Charlie & the Nightcats review
Dirtbombs writeup

New York Observer:
Appreciation of Latrell Sprewell

Time Out New York
Another place I did a lot of work for that is now vanished from the internet...
Princess Superstar interview

Our Las Vegas
60 Seconds with Lissa Townsend Rodgers, in which I spend over twice that on the story of Virginia Hill

... and, of course, the Twitterfeed

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