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May 13, 2001

I've no pithy slogan or motto to offer, just a handful of lovely records. We're up to seven at the moment, so some good fortune must surely be forthcoming. As it is, spring hems and haws its way into northern New England and the snow cover begrudgingly sinks away, leading to what we call "the mud season" in these parts. Mud and browning snowbanks be damned, the forthcoming warmer weather isn't the only good news....

Now available is "The World From Heaven", the new full length from Chapter13 (formerly known as Marble Index, but that's another story). While released exclusively in the US by Saltwater and Drive-In Records, the cd has been so well received by John Peel that a Peel Session is in the works. This is still hard for me to wrap my mind around, but simply wonderful news regardless of my limited mental capabilities. When we know the date, we'll let you in on it. An east coast US tour is being considered for the first part of the fall, but that remains to be seen. Paul, who essentially is Chapter13, does hope to visit the States soon.

Coming sometime in July is a brand new ep from The Black Watch. To be named "The Christopher Smart EP", it is a departure from their past in a wholly pleasing way. John Fredrick (of the band) is both excited and confused by the praise the demos have been receiving in which many are saying it is their best to date. Yes, the older material is brillant, John-- but this one, goodness, it may well be the best pop songs the indie community has seen in ages. Everyone, this will be essential so keep yours eyes open for it. Of course, it is still essential that you pick up "Lime Green Girl" from The Black Watch. Nine previously unreleased songs, and seven culled from their brilliant past-- a most convenient way to get caught up to date on all their releases.

An idea that is being thought about here of late is assembling a compilation cd. Nothing is in the works on this front as yet, but if you're in a band and would be interested do feel free to send a demo along.

That is all for now. Of course, if you've questions, feel free to write me:




BLACK FANTASTIC "Keep the Conversation Going b/w A Day's Wait"
Reminiscent of the Pale Fountains and early Orchids, this is the 7" that started it all. The debut and final release from the this short lived, collaboration of Matt from the Push Kings and Sterling from Madison Electric. Shimmering jangle, with a winsome touch.

UNBUNNY (untitled, but has become known as the Viewmaster ep)
Fuzzed and distorted lo-fi pop reminiscent of the Mountain Goats and Robyn Hitchcock, this is the debut of the Seattle via Newmarket, NH singer Jared Del Deo known as Unbunny. The standout "Sci-Fi Nervous Breakdown" is as brilliant as the title suggests. One needn't have spent one too many Sunday nights alone at 9:00 to appreciate this one, but I suppose it might help.

7" sw-005/drive43
MARBLE INDEX (CHAPTER 13) "Love Talking to Boys b/w Plan K"
Debut 7", in which ex-Melody Maker journalist James Slattery and emerging DIY porn star Paul Rothwell flout all Beatles-fixated convention to bring you two slices of hard-won sidelong wisdom from the drear coke-dusted wastes of southern England. Tales of a youth misspent in the company of the latter day Sarah Records Mafia can tell only part of their story.
Their brief: To reinvestigate the lost horizons of a pre-86 pop music which wasn't afraid to indulge it's taste for the grand statement, the epic sweep... whatever happened to the art school poseurs who dropped out in monochrome dreams of glory and became art school pop stars? We are all so much the poorer for their disappearance.
The lush melancholy of a pre-ecstasy Factory Records, the steely synth precision of the conny plank-produced Ultravox, an in-depth knowledge of the finest mayfair perfumeries... These are the tools required to shape one of the first great pop moments of the 21st Century. The rest is just dust blown away. Nothing.
(Marble Index is will henceforth be known as Chapter 13)


cd-ep sw-003
MOOSE "Baby, It's Over"
The best place for Moose information is James Reeders perfectly lovely site. It has all the latest information, reviews, and discography. He is also responsible for the sleeve art of the latest releases, which are brilliant indeed.

cd sw-008
THE BLACK WATCH "Lime Green Girl"
Weather is often referenced in reviews of this windswept, atmospheric pop band from Los Angeles, and chiming guitars and the occassional touches of strings most likely have much to do with that. Their fifth cd not only finds them mining such meteorological territory again, but also collects a number of those past moments. Serving as both a new album and a retrospective, Lime Green Girl is a nine song album with seven bonus tracks culled from their previous releases, most of which are long out of print. Comparisons have have been made to the Go-Betweens, Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, and the Jazz Butcher among others. Pleasant company indeed. The release date is forecast (yes, one more weather reference) for early fall of 2000.

Each are $3.50, but for now I'll send you both for $6. Postage included. (Canadian $4.50 and $8, postage included), with checks made out to Michael Sullivan. Orders from further away should send me a letter or email first (The US dollar is supposed to be devalued soon, I hear).

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