Monthly Archives: November 2012

Sometimes I write things and like to remind myself to keep doing so

A few pieces of 2012 writing of which I am not thoroughly ashamed:
Not about food
A depressive’s guide to Christmas
Lordy lordy, look who’s 40
Lean on me: Loving and losing a dog
New York after Sandy: A tale of two cities
Going public with depression / National Depression Screening Day: Sharing experiences can help
What’s with public marriage proposals?
Physically challenged and fashionable
The agony and ecstasy of the National Spelling Bee
I am nobody’s mother and never will be
New York vs. Los Angeles: For all its grit, NYC ‘sparkles’
‘Fatshion’ bloggers find beauty in all sizes’
Learning to love my big nose
The dark side of World Goth Day
About food
An ad-hoc army of volunteers feeds those still-powerless after Sandy
Notes from Zone 6b – love and loss in the lettuce patch
Don’t be bullied by the sauce spoon
That’s how the cookie (and a passenger’s calm) crumbles