Sometimes I try to break your heart

Fiona Apple’s recent decision to postpone her South American tour to stay home with her elderly and ailing dog may have caused some upset among her fans, but she’s won a whole pack of new ones who thoroughly support and understand that decision all too well. I am one of them.

Mordred told us when it was time for him to go. I’d always heard that a suffering animal would do that, but he was my first dog, and I was thoroughly unprepared for how clear and desperate that message would be.
“Mordred” was a massive name for a mammoth dog, the Irish Wolfhound my now-husband owned when I met him. He became mine also, and I his — so fiercely that he escorted me down the aisle when Douglas and I wed a year and half later. We were not always so gracefully aligned.

The night I met Mordred, he tried to kill me. I tried not to take it personally, as he was being a good dog protecting his Dad from the strange lady who’d apparently come over to eat his face. It was our second date, and I was deeply enamored of the notion that in New York City, I’d found an attractive, single, straight 30-something man with the wherewithal to be responsible for the welfare of two animals who had to be escorted outside to poop.

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